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100th Post - Sweet, Yummy Button Eye Candy

Let your eyes feast on this...

I used these to make something...scroll down to see

I will be posting a tutorial on how to make this over at my blog
Rusty Cottage. I used the above buttons in my tutorial.

This button bouquet was made for my daughter's room and is a mix of vintage and new buttons. This is a "short" version. You can also make a longer version.

These are just so fun to make and so fun to look at. If you have someone on your Christmas list who likes whimsical decor, this could definitely be a gift for them.

I also just posted a large lot of 191 vintage buttons on their original cards on eBay. Click
here to view.

HAPPY 100 POSTS TO BUTTON FLOOZIES!!! I love being a part of this.

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