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Tuesday's Three


With everything going on in the world it seems that gratitude for the simplest of things is more necessary than ever.  

3 Little Things I'm Grateful For Today:

1. Sunshine! - Actually, the sunshine itself + more hours of daylight in each day is the best!  What a difference it makes here in the northeast when February is over and March finally begins.  Yes, we still have cold temps and the possibility of snow, BUT it starts getting warmer during the day and we have more opportunity for sunshine!

2.  Starting seeds - there's so much hope and possibility in a little pack of veggie seeds.

3.  No Commute - with the huge increase in gas prices (currently at $4.39/gallon for the cheapest) we are as happy as ever that we can work from home.

I hope this finds you doing well.  What little things top your gratitude list today?

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