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This window♥

That famous blue door♥

Help yourself~

My car..no no:)

Many restos are in little stone grottos:)

My fave pottery shop.

THE place for violet products.

Can you tell I love her?

Tourretes-Sur-Loup..was a coup de coeur in 2008..so we went back:)
The people are friendly,the food delicious,the streets charming.
You are 15 miles from Nice,Antibes..

We stayed in a remote little place ..not in Tourrettes..I think too remote for us..the driving was incredible..  out of everywhere we stayed..this was the challenge.Well the worst challenge.
Our hosts were welcoming..we stayed in an annex to their home which was built for their parents.
Prefectly comfortable...clean..  but so remote.

And you have to be ready for things that can change..the photos..had shown lush green grass surrounding the home..  verdant as far as the eye could see..poor them..
Provence had such a drought..when we went..all the grass was brown..no grass actually surrounding the house..our view was pretty though..as you can see by the last photo..but arid .

 This is one area we could not anticipate staying in again.The whole area is so hilly with Evil Knievel bends in roads..picture this ..manual transmission..90 inclines..180 turns..narrow roads..oncoming cars.
You have to really be a pro.And Jacques was.
But I kept holding onto the door handle..anyway you get it.

While there..we visited places close by..Tourrettes is one..


The streets have inlaid Violets or wolf (sur -LOUP).. paw prints..Tourrettes is known for it's violets:)

I bought sugared violets and violet syrup..who can resist.
La Bastide Des Violettes is a special building /compound..where they make ..produce and sell the violet specialties of the area..

The pottery I bought was from there..Poterie Tournesol.

Pont Du Loup..

Is a hike too..
but we went..
it is the home of Florian.. top quality confiseries..
It's rugged..and raw.Super scenic.But I have seen it now:)
As you arrive there is an abandoned hotel..which sets the feeling..on a misty grey day..it was a bit sad.

Confiserie Florian..beautiful..$$$$

Gives you an example of how far up you are driving and under what conditions..

The gardens have roses..edible..cute cute..

We also visited Oppède Le Vieux..which is very remote and you walk up to it..many many steps Highway to Heaven.lol
Do not mistake it for the newere Oppède..keep going and going and going..it' s so artistic..sketchers abound..it's tiny and quaint.

Jacques is FIT.. 30 yrs on the treadmill every day..  golf for most of his life..daily walks..to get up to the village the steps ,are uneven stones..narrow..crooked uphill..you have to sometimes grab onto something for fear of losing your footing.
Do not venture up if walking is an issue..it is a LOOOOOOONG walk..hundreds and hundreds of stairs.

The resto when you get to the top.

Arists were sketching here..I met a lovely woman.. who had trouble walking..so there has to be a way to drive up for people who cannot get there.Her husband was walking around..she was sitting..happily sketching..she had never seen a waterbrush..What an artist.her workd was amazing

The biggest shop:)

We also  stopped in Grasse, for one moment ..well a few.. but left shortly after..
and a few other towns..but from this moment on..we left this particular area of Provence..

 And headed to  our final destination..Aix ~En ~Provence..which I loved..I guess that will be the last Provence post:)

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