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Rat Pack Pallie Sonny King - I Cried For You

The following video was originally posted on one of my favorite blogs, Planet Mondo. I had to share it here since the singer does have a connection with Dean Martin and the Rat Pack. The song is I Cried For You by Sonny King.

That was Sonny King. I hope you enjoyed that. I thought it was really cool. I had never seen it before. It's pretty hilarious. Check out those clothes on Sonny. There are definitely some hot chicks in this video. I love the girls shaking their sexy bottoms around. Now that's my kind of video. ;-)

So how was Sonny connected with Dean Martin and the Rat Pack? He once shared a New York pad with Dino back in the early days of their careers. Sonny's given credit for introducing Dino and Jerry Lewis. He was friends with the members of the Rat Pack. He even appeared in Robin and the Seven Hoods and Sergeants 3.

What did you think of that song and video?

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