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My Sweet Kitty is Sick.......

Maggie loves to come out in the gazebo with us in the mornings while we have our coffee.
THIS morning, however, we forgot to put her back in the house when we started working on our projects.
I had made a 2:00 appointment for her to see the vet. I noticed she wasn't around about noon so I began to look for her in earnest. She had crawled under the side deck and by the time I found her she was covered in fleas! I don't know if she had them already or got them under the deck. She's a white cat so you would think I would have noticed them before! At any rate, by the time we arrived at the animal hospital she was one CLEAN and FLUFFY kitty!!!

She was a very good little patient and the doctor and nurses made over her - as they do all their clients!
Blood work and urinalysis and we will know more tomorrow when the results come back.

She has suffered weight loss (She weighs only 5 pounds!) and hair loss. Her body temperature was lower than normal and she was pale.
She's a white cat but the pale part came from looking at her gums - I think!

She weighed 8 pounds when we got her back in March 2011.

I thought she was about 11 years old but she's only 9. We have just had her 3 1/2 years.

See how healthy she was?
I feel so bad about not noticing sooner how thin she was getting.

She has sure been pampered today!!

While I was taking care of her and doing the routine Monday things housewives do .....

Louis Dean was working on our cabinets for the laundry room.

This is the way they look upright.

But HERE is the way he will hang them!
See the little shelf area? Perfect for 'debris!!!' 

He took the ready made cabinets and reinforced them, added a shelf and made a 'bottom' for the 'top!'
One cabinet is done! He will do the other one tomorrow and then I will finish them on Thursday so he can hang them this weekend!! He said they will be so sturdy I can load them up with as much stuff as I want!
Heavy stuff, too!!! As in my Christmas dishes!!

I am thinking about painting them with a wash of green and staining over that and then maybe a coat of wax.
I've never really finished unfinished pieces before.....at least that I can remember!

I'm going to go pet my cat for a little while now before I go to bed!

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