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High Plains Drifter

Turned the TV on yesterday PM and AMC was playing the movie High Plains Drifter with Clint Eastwood as the star and the "Drifter". Mr. Eastwood was a horny old woman-jumper in this one, taking on the likes of  any female that showed up--almost, and committing violence against everyone else--almost. I missed the first part of it, but got in on the memory sequence of the Sheriff being whipped ass-over-tea-kettle over and over again by three sadistic outlaws finally sending his mortal remains to Hell or Heaven and leaving him in the street for everyone to see. After a dust-up that kills seven men, Eastwood sets off after the three whip snappers. He plays shoot and be shot at with the three, shooting one's ear and raising bumps by falling rocks on the others when he lights off a stick of dynamite. Eastwood heads back to town and jumps in the sack with the hotel owner's wife for a little respite from all the violence. He then has the citizens of the town paint everything red and changed the name to Hell as he waits for the three outlaws to come after him. They do and they gather the townspeople in the bar to wait for the Drifter to show his face. He does and returns the favor of the whipping on one of them, then hangs another one, and finally shoots the third. And the hotel owner's wife follows him out of town - at least she climbs into a wagon with all her belongings as the Drifter leaves town.

And I thought here it is on a rainy Saturday afternoon and this movie is playing for all to see (kids, teens, and other shameless adults, like me) no matter all the violence, killing, raping, fornicating, whipping, and other immoral acts taking place on the screen. And then I wondered if the 20-year-old that shot up the Sandy Hook Elementary School was a fan of this type of films. Some can handle it, others have a tough time with it, using it for a training film, etc., like violent video games.

For a more realistic review of this movie head to Wikipedia.


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