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Good Fences - A Touch of Summer on a dreary winter day.

Joining Gosia today for Good Fences Around the World.

Sharing a fence/gate taken in June of 2015 - I wanted to share a fence that wasn't covered in snow today. - We are in the midst of an ice storm today but temps are suppose to rise to 46 by mid-afternoon.  School was canceled yet again today due to hazardous driving conditions.

I love Hydrangea's so when I saw this one growing by this nice black wrought iron fence I had to take a picture of it.
On another note we've had computer/e-mail issues again this week which were finally resolved yesterday.  Although I was almost a victim of a "computer scam" but was wise enough to realize when the guy said we would have to pay a (one time fee of $97 to fix the problem) that he wasn't legitimate and I managed to avoid further problems. - Long story.  Anyway I'm happy to be back on-line and hope to visit your blogs soon.

 On the other side was a nice gate along with the house numbers set into a large chunk of wood which I thought was pretty neat looking as well.

Hope you've enjoyed a little bit of summer here today.

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