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Another busy day!

I thought I'd be able to stay home today but I soon realized that was not possible. Especially as I started writing down everything I wanted finished before the weekend and the "to do" list my husband gave me. As it was, I was gone nearly all day but all is DONE! Including getting younger granddaughter's coat and older granddaughter's one shoe sent back home to them (they were both hiding in the closet...clothing...not granddaughters). I had to stand in line for twenty or more minutes to send the package. (Note to self: do not go near Post Office when students are returning from Christmas break!)

I stood behind a very interesting older gentleman. I mentioned why it was important for me to get the box mailed (before it finally gets cold again in New England) and that I had put a couple books in the box for the children. There has to be at least one book in a box from Grammie. He, too, is a book lover and he told me how he had taped his father-in-law reading The Night Before Christmas as he had done for years, since his own children were small. The gentleman had transferred this to DVD and sent it as a Christmas present last year, along with the book, to all the grandchildren. His father-in-law passed away soon after that but they have this DVD to remember him. He is currently working on taping other older family members reading their favorite children's books and compiling it into one family DVD. Isn't that a great idea?

Earlier, I had to stop by the library near the University to pick up tax forms for my husband. On the free cart, they had some great decorating magazines and a few Paula Dean cooking magazines (I love her cooking magazine). I took a few of the decorating magazines and all three of the Paula Deans. I am inspired by many of my blog friends who visit here to try new recipes. We are definitely in a rut!

I finished my errands with about ninety minutes to go before picking up my husband and son from the bookstore. I went through Goodwill to see if anything jumped off the racks (nothing did) and then headed to Panera with a few of the free magazines. I like their decaf coffee and it is often quiet at night (as long as there is nothing major going on at the University). The only people near me were three other women, all with their reading material, too. I also like Panera because I can get all the decaf I want and still take a refill to my husband.

It was so good to pick them up and get home. It continues to rain here and now fog has set in this evening. My son decided on the way home, as the conditions grew worse the farther we drove in the country, that he would not try to get out to see friends tonight as originally planned. He has parked himself in front of his computer, already meeting up with online friends to play some computer games. He has a group of online friends he has known since he was ten or eleven, mostly from the east coast!

My husband is exhausted after his first long workday in awhile. He has most likely turned the TV to the Chicago Sports station, which is his way of relaxing. I will soon brew some tea, prop my sore feet on a pillow and perhaps read. I know I'm tired when I don't want to read. Tomorrow is a fresh day!

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