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Sonam Kapoor Shares Expert Advice With Raanjhana choreographers

Filmmaking in Bollywood has experienced a vast change and it is no more a surprise to see actors getting involved in various things for their films, right from costume design to marketing strategies.

In a portion of the song that required Sonam to perform Kathak, she gave her inputs, which choreographer duo Bosco-Ceaser welcomed. Sonam says, “I have a different style of dancing. They (choreographers) incorporated whatever was suitable to me.” Krishnaji, grandson of Kathak legend Sitara Devi, was also present to lend his expert advice.

Anand Rai, the film’s director, said, “A choreographer can give you the beat and show you the movements, but it’s up to the actor to bring grace and make slight changes to the steps. When a trained dancer is given steps, it’s natural for them to add their inputs. Sonam was glad that
she got to do Kathak steps in the film. I don’t know why no other filmmaker has made use of her dancing skills.” While Bosco added, “She is a fabulous dancer and has amazing posture. She was graceful and beautiful.”

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