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More Success at Nordstrom

Another of my recent 3 for $27 sampling at Nordstrom was the Light Support hosiery. In my recent blog posting, involving the Ultra Sheer Control Top, entitled "The Department Store Ups and Downs Continue", I had complained that every offering of hosiery within the Nordstrom line had at least some support. While that is indeed true, the Light Support is as close as it gets. The leg is a 77/23 blend of nylon and elastane, while the panty is almost no different, at 76/24. It almost makes me wonder why they don't just keep the same blend throughout. One wouldn't be buying these for any sort of support, so why even create the difference in appearance, however slight? I, along with most people I would think, prefer the one-toned appearance of the sheer to waist. The reinforced panty just feels oldish to me. Why allow for the sight of the reinforced panty when it doesn't seem to be serving much of a purpose?

At any rate, I don't want to sound like I'm disappointed in these. It's quite the opposite. I love them. They're not the most sheer in the world, at 25 denier, but they give off the most lovely shine, making them very sexy in the process. It says that they are designed to massage legs for long-wearing comfort. I might be inclined to agree. I've been wearing these all day, and they still feel great. I doubt I'll be wanting to take them off any time soon. Other than that, they come in a decent variety of shades, have a smaller waistband that seems to roll less, and has a sheer toe. These are nice to look at and nicer to wear. Again, at 3 for $27 you can stock up. And if you're anything like me, once you try them, you'll want to.

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