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Mark Levin blasts the stupid ass of Michael Eric Dyson and Anthony Fauci

    Dave Berkson

   The great one was at it again taking on two people well deserving and hitting these bastards tugh as Mark hit bad fat professor Michael Erick Dyson and the health televangelist snake oil pusher in old mad Anthony Fauci who is insane in the membrane and should of retired years ago.  Mark Levin hit these two son o a bitches in yesterdays program is t was classic and more evidence why the great one  is this voice and leader of the resistance to the Democratic media operatives and their corrupt politicians serving the globalist pay masters. Mark Levin eviscerated The  bad professor and race hustler Michael Erich Dysons

whom Levin described as a fol and a rotten individual long allowed by the likes of CNN and MNBC to come aboard and represent the illiberal views of the academia crowd on pay for the Democrats. Michael Eric idiot says that because Republicans re trying  to outlaw free meals and soda water to voter this somehow amounts to voter suppression and the evil inflammatory misrepresentation and lies of this Back fat meat head professor from Vanderbilt  should be declared more often. Michael Eric Dyson is the living  verbose vision of the devil himself and is a snake as well. 

   Levin also ht at the perpetual televangelist for media health priestdom that is Anthony Fauci and his ridiculous shilling for the medial tyranny complex. Anthony Fauci needs just  go away and Levin is tired f seeing this little twerp come out and try to tell us what we can do with our own family members and do for family functions as the little bird work shit head that he is.

Anthiny Faucim is akin to these religious whack charlatans and television talking about speaking to God and basically Fauci sees himself and his field as the new nobility and special class and this man is making a fortune as a media where and pest that he has become for the media and all to unfortunately see.  . Levin blasted this ol shit for wanting peope to wear three masks and now wear goggles wherever they go out in public and that Anthony Fauci should get out of the limelight as this man has no credibility just shilling forth companies he owns stock.  Both of these shit heads are con men and men of little self value and preservence shilling for the left in all ways possible 


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