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Hello again,

Tonight is another installment of PM'S TOP FIVE (my previous editions have been on Illamasqua and MAC if you've missed them!). Tonight's focus is a quick round up of my five favourite face essentials - these are the things I consider a MUST when doing my daily makeup!
My favourite Face Essentials
Kryolan TV Paint Stick (I use colour NB1)
Formulated for TV usage, this product has fantastic coverage! Its main purpose is foundation but I actually use it as concealer, because it's one of the few things that actually does a decent job of covering my dark circles! I also use it on my eyes as a base for my eyeshadow, so it's going on to even colour! (not my splotchy eyeballs!).
(p.s. I have previously raved on about TV paint stick in my Bargain Makeup-ing Post!)

Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake (I use colour Vehement)
Filling in eyebrows is a must! It really finishes your face off and makes your overall look more polished! I simply use this eyebrow cake dry with an angled brush, but you can also use it with a sealer gel, wet, for added definition!
(p.s. This Eyebrow Cake has also made it to my top five Illamasqua... What a handy little thing it is!)

Kryolan Translucent Powder (TL1)
I use Translucent Powder over the TV paintstick to set the foundation when I do my eyes. However, It could also be used for an all-over powder (nice and versatile this one!). Translucent powders help to set your foundation without adding any extra colour to your face! If you struggle to find a good match for powder, translucent powder could be a good option for you!

Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Hex
I am in love with Hex pencil! It's a nude colour (like an actual pale nude, not every other makeup company's definition of nude lip liner... which is actually brown!). It's actually a really good match for my skin tone! (I definitely got lucky there!) Anyway, I use it around the edges of my lips to stop my lippy bleeding (and I use it instead of co-ordinating colour ones because a) I'm lazy, b) It goes with everything and c) I don't have to be accurate). You could even wear it alone for a nude lip if you wanted!

Mascara (I use Napoleon Perdis' Mesmer-Eyes Waterproof)
Mascara, no matter what brand you use, is a mascara is essential! Mascara helps to define your lashes and make you look more awake and with it! The one I use (NP Mesmer-Eyes) I like because it has a plastic comb-style brush, rather than one with heaps of bristles (and considering I frequently stab myself in the eye... I feel like I'm less likely to do damage with blunt plastic!)

I hope this helps next time you are looking for some face essentials!
Your PM x

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