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I'm Back! Where have I been?

Hi all I've missed yoooou!

So of late life has been rather hectic. I've been having a lot of bad times with my illness (POTS), looking after an unwell family member and on top of that I've recently moved house!!  With all the above going on I didn't have any time to update my blog & when I did I just drew a blank & found I had NO inspiration.

 Well now life is beginning to feel 'normal' once again so I am ready to join back in the big ol world of beauty blogging.
I'm thinking of doing a post on my makeup setup in my new house & also I have recently invested in swanky profesh looking camera so be prepared to see my face on YouTube very soon!

If you have any suggestions or requests for future blog posts/reviews or videos please let me know.

I hope your all well & life has been treating you good! Speak to you soon.

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