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Dirty Fabulous Christmas Gift Guide!

We've picked out some of our favourite and unique pieces to help make someones Christmas extra special! We have hundreds of gift ideas in store priced from €25 and up. If you spot the perfect gift but can't make it into the store then we're happy to ship, just give us a call on 01 6111842!

1. 1960's Red Silk Velvet Hat €95

2. 1950's Bakelite Ivory Floral Clip-On Earrings €55

3. 1960's Gold Metallic Bag €95

4. Rose Gold Tone Crystal Pendent Drop Necklace €65

5. 1950's Gloves €45 Each

6. 1930's French Beaded Purse with Belt Loop €65

 7. Petite Vintage Gold Toned Zebra €75

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